Digital skills

Digital skills

We all need digital skills and to feel comfortable using a wide range of different electronic devices, from cameras to tablets as well as laptops and PCs. 

The ability to access the digital world has become really important in everyday life, whether it be to make an appointment, pay bills, search for a job or keep in touch with friends and family online. 

We have a range of courses suitable for all levels. You can gain expertise in Microsoft Office software and there are short courses specifically aimed at providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to use ICT.

Learn Online
We are passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential and believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to continue learning throughout their life. 
We are now able to offer a range of real time, learner focused, high quality, online learning. Just have a look at what is on offer across the county!
Our online courses are being delivered via Zoom, a secure online platform. You will be supported to access Zoom via a set of instructions supplied by your centre once your place on a course is confirmed. If you have any queries contact your local Adult Learning Centre and our staff will be happy to help. Please join us as we embark on this fascinating journey!
Take a look at our Learn Online section to view the full range of courses on offer.
Learner Comments / Case Study

"Rachael attended the course in order to have a recognised qualification in ICT. She was aware that it would be beneficial as part of the application process for the admin jobs she was applying for. Within a few weeks of completing the course she was successful in an interview for a job working at Sellafield. She feels that the ICT qualification was a really useful addition to her CV and aided her in getting the job. Since starting with the company she has been able to make significant use of the skills she learnt on the course in her new job role".