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Contact Barrow Adult Learning to discuss the timetabling of the following programmes which run through the year.

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  • Award in Food Safety in Catering Level 2
  • Extended Award in Employability Skills Level 1
  • Extended Award in Skills for Working in Construction and Building Industries Level 1

Employability courses can support you to ultimately secure and sustain work. 

They also support progression for further learning, providing an entry point for you to gain a qualification within a short timeframe and give you the confidence to start your learning journey. 

Employability courses enable you to improve your confidence, learn skills relevant to employment and personal development to help you then make informed career and progression choices.

There are two types for Employability course:

  • non-accredited - courses, workshops and drop-ins that build and extend your knowledge and skills;
  • accredited - courses that lead to a nationally recognised qualification and involve completing coursework or a formal assessment.

Most non-accredited courses are short, usually around 14 hours and focus on a specific element starting or returning to work. For example 'Preparing for Employment' is a first step and looks at identifying the skills, experience and behaviours that you have and how to write a good quality CV that 'sells' you to potential employers, whilst 'Seeking Employment' focusses on the next step of applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

We also have non-accredited courses for older learners, lone parents and those who feel their confidence or communication skills are holding them back, as well as workshops and drop-ins.

We have a range of accredited courses available through Adult Learning centres and our partner organisations. These are often related to a specific area of employment and are available at a range of levels from Entry Level 3 to Level 2. 

In all our courses we aim to develop your transferable skills including Maths and English along with your confidence and communication skills as these are highly desired in the workplace. Did you know that a survey of employers in 2018 ranked communication as the most important skill they required?

Our centre managers and their friendly teams will support you with finding the best level of course, by chatting with you about your previous experience, finding out what you are hoping to gain and supporting you through the induction process. If you wish to do an accredited course you may be asked to complete an English initial assessment to ensure that the course is the right level for you.

Our experienced and enthusiastic tutors offer you excellent levels of support and work with you to set and track realistic, but challenging personal targets. These targets help you to measure your own progress and stretch yourself further.  Classes are usually small, allowing our tutors to offer personalised support to each learner.  This supportive and learner-focused process has resulted in excellent achievement rates in both our accredited and non-accredited courses.

Why not join one of our classes? You will not regret your decision! Contact your local friendly team for more information and to arrange an initial assessment.

  • learn or refresh the basics and improve your skills and knowledge;
  • increase the quality of your job applications and chance of success;
  • establish your own starting point and work to achieve your personal goals;
  • gain widely recognised qualifications that are valued by employers;
  • improve your confidence, communication and team-working skills;
  • improve other transferable skills such as independent working skills, timekeeping and many more.

Lots of skills and behaviours are improved by attending a course regularly such as timekeeping, organisation and perseverance. Many of these are skills and behaviours that employers are looking for in their workforce. Attending a course builds these skills and gives you examples you can use in job applications and interviews.

Skill / BehaviourExample
Self-confidenceSelf-confidence grows when you put yourself in new situations and are supported by those around you. Learning new things also improves confidence.
CommunicationBy taking part in discussions with a partner, your tutor or the whole class your verbal communication skills will improve, and you will start to feel more confident speaking in public.
ThinkingOften there are multiple answers to a question or problem, you will develop your thinking skills by suggesting answers and debating with others.
TeamworkYou will work with others to complete tasks within lessons. This will be in pairs or larger groups.
ResilienceYou will develop strategies to overcome problems and recognise that learning can be difficult at times. You will start to feel more comfortable asking for help.
Self-reflectionYou will reflect on your own learning progress and how you can improve. You will recognise your own strengths as well as areas for development.
EmpathyYou will mix with a range of people from different backgrounds and with different ideas. Empathy allows you to see things from other's point of view.
Using ITSome courses include the use of computers and the internet and you will be supported to improve your skills.

Learner Comments / Case Study
"Howard was an experienced joiner but had a fallen from height at work and badly broken his ankle.  He had to take a year out of work in which time his CSCS had expired.  He was claiming benefits. He started the course and worked quickly through the modules, mostly at home at times that were convenient with some supported sessions in Kendal Library with Helen.
After a couple of weeks of intensive learning, he came in and sat his module end tests and 1 H&S Certificate under exam conditions in the Cumbria Adult Learning - South Lakeland Centre. We then booked his CSCS Test in the Kendal Testing Centre. Whilst waiting, he worked through mock tests on the Centre CD.  He passed his CSCS test first time. 
Completing the course and getting hold of a new CSCS course has allowed Howard to return to full time work as a joiner in the construction industry.  This has had a hugely positive impact in terms of both mental and physical wellbeing.  Although he is finding it tiring and having to adjust some of his working ways, he is really pleased to be back."
Learn Online
We are passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential and believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to continue learning throughout their life. 

We are now able to offer a range of real time, learner focused, high quality, online learning. Just have a look at what is on offer across the county!

Our online courses are being delivered via Zoom, a secure online platform. You will be supported to access Zoom via a set of instructions supplied by your centre once your place on a course is confirmed. If you have any queries contact your local Adult Learning Centre and our staff will be happy to help. Please join us as we embark on this fascinating journey!
Take a look at our Learn Online section to view the full range of courses on offer.