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We are passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential and believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to continue learning throughout their life. 
We are now able to offer a range of real time, learner focused, high quality, online learning. Just have a look at what is on offer across the county!
Our online courses are being delivered via Zoom, a secure online platform. You will be supported to access Zoom via a set of instructions supplied by your centre once your place on a course is confirmed. If you have any queries contact your local Adult Learning Centre and our staff will be happy to help. Please join us as we embark on this fascinating journey!
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Curriculum Introduction
There are many reasons to join one of our language classes; one of the main factors is that our learners have lots of fun and improve their skills levels, under the guidance of our expert Tutors.
We offer a broad range of courses, across the county, in a variety of settings. We have tried very hard to match potential learners` requirements to our offering and we hope that you will find something to interest and inspire you. We are able to support learners to develop linguistic skills in an exciting and inspirational learning environment.
Our Tutors are able to offer you encouragement and support that will help you achieve more than you ever imagined you could. We are able to work with you from absolute beginner level to upper intermediate level courses to further enhance your linguistic skills. We offer a wide range of language options, including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese; many of our Tutors are native linguists and they can help you develop a real appreciation of the culture and history of their home country and other countries where their language is spoken.
Our Tutors listen to learners and respond to their needs, they engage with you to design programmes with agreed planned outcomes.  Tutors really value your input and are responsive to your emerging requirements and needs, this is evident from the customer feedback we receive and the fact that many of our learners return to us and recommend us to their friends and family.
 We ask you to complete an initial assessment that helps us identify your starting point; we then offer information, advice and guidance throughout your time with us to allow you to reach your full potential. We also agree targets with you that allow you, and your Tutor, to track your progress at regular intervals.  We want to stretch you so we agree challenging targets and continually review these so you continue to make great progress.
Our experienced and enthusiastic Tutors really enjoy working with learners and are able to pass on their considerable knowledge and skills. They really inspire you and provide invaluable encouragement as you start, and continue, your learning journey with our service.
We offer languages classes across Cumbria, in a variety of settings. This year we have improved our offering in response to the demand for online learning, as a result of the Covid 19 lockdown and we are able to offer you the opportunity to join some of our classes using Zoom. This means you can learn from the comfort of your own home, your learning experience is still excellent and this might be a more convenient way of learning for you.
Why not join one of our classes? You will not regret your decision! Contact your local friendly team for more information and to arrange an initial assessment.
Skills you will develop
In addition to the core skills you will develop, or improve, through studying with Adult Learning you will have the opportunity to further strengthen transferable skills that are of use to you in your personal and work life.
Some of the skills you may improve through learning with Adult Learning
  • Listening skills - You will need excellent listening skills to get the most from your experience, both within the classroom and outside of it. It takes more time and effort to process a foreign language, consequently you think harder about what you are hearing and how to make an appropriate response. 
  • Speaking skills - Not only the new language but in your mother tongue.  Learning another language can improve your ability to communicate more accurately in your own language as you appreciate the potential difficulties in speaking too quickly and using jargon.
  • Cultural understanding - You will learn more about other countries, their customs and their way of life.
  • Empathy and the ability to relate to others - You will build relationships with your peers and understand their challenges in learning another language. As you develop a greater understanding of other countries and cultures you will be able to identify similarities and differences with the way you live.
  • Patience - Patience is absolutely essential when studying a language, it takes time, effort and lots of repetition and practice.
  • Teamwork - You will work in whole class groups, small groups and paired activities.
  • Independent study skills - you will need to work outside of the classroom to improve your knowledge and skills.
  • Creative problem solving - When you are outside of your comfort zone, speaking a different language you will have to be creative to solve communication problems.
  • Writing skills - Your knowledge of grammar conventions in a new language will be strengthened. You will be able to compare and contrast similarities and differences between languages.
  • Coaching & mentoring skills - You will develop these as you work alongside and support your peers.
  • Self-confidence - You will feel good about yourself as your language skills improve.
  • Perseverance - Learning to speak a new language is a very challenging, but extremely rewarding, process. Your perseverance will be rewarded with lifelong skills.